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Too Tired To Type 14 May 2020

Well, I've been working for Hardy Yard Care to try an catch up on some back log of bills that have been piling up since The Venue has been shut down. Are we going to open again is the question I've been asked a lot lately. My answer is always the same, If we can figure out how to purchase this building we will purchase it and open again. Other than that ... I don't know. If you know of anyone that would like to make a legacy donation to help purchase the building please talk to them. If we are successful in purchasing the building there will be a large place naming those that made the purchase possible. A large enough donation will even get the building named after them ie: The XYX Performing Arts Centre or something like that. It would be a nice legacy to leave behind in the community showing your love and dedication to the performing arts in the Creston Valley.

So please, let me know if you know of somebody I might talk to or if you know somebody you would like to talk to. Every contact could lead to another contact that might be the right person to assist with the project.

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