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General Concepts of The Entertainment Park

From the birds eye view below you can see there will be:

  • outdoor covered stage

  • cement dance/seating area

  • storage/office/concession building

  • grassed seating area

  • terraced seating area

  • Bunkhouse/Hostel with 2nd floor balcony seating 

Birds Eye View.jpg

Stage Design

The stage will be a "pavilion" style similar to what is shown here. The dimensions will be 24 ft deep, 20 ft wide at the rear and 24 ft wide at the front.

Stage Birdseye.jpg
Stage Side View.jpg
Birds Eye View.jpg

Concession, Office and Stage Storage

A building similar to this picture below will be directly to the south of the "Boogie Pad". The building will be 12 ft across the front and 20 ft deep. In additions to providing storage for stage equipment it will double as refreshment and snack bar for events. Local food trucks will have a place for parking on-site to provide meal options during events as well.


Dance, dining & sports


20 x 30 cement pad

Musician's Bunkhouse and Hostel Floor Plans

Bunk house front.jpg

Front View

bunk house side.jpg

Side View

Bunk House.jpg

1st Floor Musician's Bunkhouse


2nd Floor Hostel

Recent flyover - 22 Sept 2022

Jerry Davis cutting skids, Rick Merrell assisting

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