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Enter As Strangers * Leave As Friends

Now located in Creston behind the Creston Museum at Valley View Motel, The Venue - Performance and Visual Arts Society will soon be in operation again thanks to the generous new owners of Valley View Motel, Glendan and Gillian. They recently purchased the Motel Park and one of their goals was to build an outdoor stage. A fortuitous meeting brought us together, The Venue looking for a place to relocate and the Valley View Motel looking to build a stage for live music. The rest will soon be history. The Society is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing diverse local musical, filmic, theatrical and artistic experiences to residents and visitors of all backgrounds and ages at various locations in the Creston Valley.
Many thanks to Shelley & Paul who blazed the trail to meaningful live music in the Creston Valley with their endeavour The Snoring Sasquatch. It was one of the inspirations and guides in developing The Venue Performance and Visual Arts Society.
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