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Located in Erickson (Arrow Creek), BC (directly east of Creston), The Venue Community Center is maintained and staffed by The Venue - Performance and Visual Arts Society members. The Society is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing diverse local musical, filmic, theatrical and artistic experiences to residents and visitors of all backgrounds and ages at various locations in the Creston Valley.
The Venue Community Center, formerly a church, accommodates audiences of up to 60 people in an intimate, comfortable space designed as a professional listening room for high-performance acoustical and small-scale theatrical presentations.
The Venue Community Center is also available for rental by community groups and the public for community and/or private events.

The Venue - Performance and Visual Arts Society

3622 Erickson Rd., Creston/Erickson, BC. V0B 1K0

(250) 428-6444 • thevenuecreston@gmail.com

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