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WTF? Another tactic. 15 June 2020

Without Prejudice:

So I guess if you can't get your dirty work done by yourself you enlist some help. Here is the latest in the saga of what has become my life lately. If any of you have any knowledge of this stuff please contact me ASAP. I need help and I don't know where to turn.

Today I received the following email from my landlord with an attachment from RDCK:

I have removed the landlords actual name and replaced it with "Landlord"

"Landlord" to Rick Brown To the attention of Richard Brown, Copy to BC Landlord Tenancy Board Copy to RDCK 1) You are hereby required to vacate the premises of 3622 Church Rd, Creston, BC immediately, in accordance with municipal authority and legislation which is permitted under temporary emergency COVID legislation. Please ensure all your personal belongings are removed from the building premises otherwise storage rental fees will start to accrue.  2) You are hereby given notice that any municipal fines issued as a result of non- compliance to vacate will become your sole responsibility. Note: Landlords can also apply to end a tenancy if:

  • The rental unit must be vacated to comply with an order of a municipal, provincial or federal authorities.

Signed "Landlord" Executor for the Estate of "Name Hidden"

I would point out that the inspector has never been in the building. I know because I have video surveillance installed (which has also caught the landlord unlawfully entering the building). So if there was any substance to the notice below, where did the inspector get the information from? Obviously the landlord has been talking to the RDCK to accomplish her vendetta. She wants me out of the building because of a personal dispute between us and she has decided to escalate it to this. I have her on videotape lying about several things including financial transactions that I believe to be fraudulent. I believe that is why she is doing this, I have been paying my monthly rent by reducing an outstanding balance for renovations that she owes me for over $10,000. All will eventually come to light when this goes to court.

I would point out that at 10:15 p.m. tonight (15 June 2020) there is no Do Not Occupy notice attached to the building as it states there was in the RDCK notice.

Here is a better picture taken at 6:40 a.m. this morning (16 June 2020)

I will be speaking to my RDCK representative first thing in the morning.

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