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Change with the times - 12 April 2020

Well these days you have to be flexible and we're trying to do that here at The Venue. I've always believed that The Venue is more of a concept and less of a building. Granted the building we're in is great but with our landlord putting the building up for sale and the work required inside to bring the building up to code because the RDCK has deemed the activities we do here a change of use from church/community hall (I can't figure that out) we need to find new ways to do what we do. And what we do is bring you great artists to listen to. With that in mind we're working on creating a video delivery system system to allow you to pay a small monthly subscription fee and have access to all the great artists we've had play here and all the artists we'll be arranging in the future, here or elsewhere. Keep an eye on the website, it will be changing shortly to reflect this.

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