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Adam Winn

Singer/songwriter Adam Winn has his roots firmly in folk and rock but draws from both classical training and a driven self-taught aesthetic. Originally from Creston, Adam transmutes his life experiences into songs that truth.

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White Queen

WHITE QUEEN is a hard rock/old school metal/punk band from Nelson/Ymir BC, our influences range from classic rock, heavy metal, and punk, such as Black Sabbath, Social Distortion, AC/DC, Queens of the stone age, Misfits, Guns N Rose's



Maddisun is a Kootenay singer/songwriter with dreamy soulful vocals and expressive lyrics. Writing feel-good, Indie-rock music from the heart. She easily connects with her fans and audience and leaves them with a feeling of comfort and acceptance.


Howling Wannabes

The Howling Wannabes are from Creston, B.C They recorded their first album together in 1995, and have done two follow-up albums, the last in 2016. Their fourth album of original songs is being completed for release in 2019. These musicians perform together a few times a year, but as individuals they spend most of their time in their various other bands, and in the studio creating and recording new works.


Phantom Power

A Tragically Hip tribute band based in the Kootenays in BC's southern Interior. The band plays accurate and energetic versions of the The Hip's most popular songs. The group is fronted by Pyet, who does an amazing job performing the intricate and emotional lyrics of the Hip. The bass duties are handled by Darcy, one of the most active and sought after bass slingers in southern BC. Doug, another in-demand player, drums for the group and rocks the beat out loud and steady. John plays an edgy rockin' rhythm guitar and adds background vocals. Darren, lead guitarist, adds shimmering licks to the mix. Together Phantom Power delivers a powerful punch for your party or event using some of the most recognized music ever made in Canada.

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Jeremiah Staggs & The Fresh Tomatoes

Jeremiah Staggs & The Fresh Tomatoes have been spreading their unique brand of Progressive Blues for less than a year, but they are no strangers to the stage. Their high energy performances blend musicianship and good vibes, with a compelling undertone of self-discovery. Jeremiah (Guitar/Vocals) assembled the band just a few months ago, but with the great skill of Jordan Lysenko(Drums) and Robert Dumas (Bass) the trio has quickly gained traction with an affectionate fan base in The Kootenays. Their soulful, often improvisational, playing style has moved audiences to dance, sing, cry, and feel free. The three have built their sound on an ever changing backdrop of musical flavours, which highlights their love, and understanding of music. With plans to record an album, tour Canada, and keep cranking out the jams, Jeremiah Staggs & The Fresh Tomatoes are becoming a go-to group in the local music scene.


J.P. Mortier

J.P. Mortier is a singer, song writer and artist from Montreal. His style and sounds lies somewhere between Nick Cave, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen backed by the sonic power of a Pink Floyd-Radiohead hybrid. After 5 albums and 4 Canadian tours, here is J.P.’s sixth album: a double album consisting of 24 songs clocking in at 2 hours and 19 minutes. On this album, he targets the totalitarian powers that be: governments, corporate power, religion, ideology, technology and other tools of destruction that want to rule our society. J.P. is touring across Canada promoting his latest album.


Donnie Clark

Clark is one of Canada’s leading trumpet and flugelhorn players. He began his musical career as a member of the renowned Kitsilano Boys Band under the directorship of Arthur Delamont. Like many other aspiring musicians in the Vancouver area, Clark was encouraged by Delamont and exposed to the rigours of performance while experiencing music in other countries during travels with the band to Europe.

Clark is an accomplished player, arranger, and composer that has been with the music scene on the West Coast of Canada since the early 1960s. Clark has been the leader of the Donnie Clark Quartet and Quintet and the Don Clark Ragtime Band as well as a member of leading jazz ensembles such as the Bobby Hales Orchestra, the West Coast Jazz Orchestra, and a regular on CBC radio and television. Clark was a founding member of the legendary Vancouver all-star jazz sextet Pacific Salt, touring throughout North America and Europe in the 1970s.

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The New Customs

Hardly afraid of the “F Word”, The New Customs are proud to call themselves FOLK! Deeply rooted in the tradition of capturing a story in a song, the Indie-Folk duo take a bold and evocative approach to songwriting. With two strong voices, guitar, mandolin and fiddle in hand, Emma Cloney & Dale Brown use their anthemic heart and Americana backbone to charm audiences with a bombastic electrifying sound. The perchance meeting that united them in 2016 resulted in a curious blend of Emma’s singer-songwriter style and Dale’s edgier sensibilities. In a seemingly effortless transition the pair forged ahead creating two successful albums together and culminating with what stands to be their boldest project to date. Their latest project, Selling Religion on Government Street, builds on the Winnipeg duo’s knack for telling it like it is, tracing its roots back to their debut album “All Walls Fall” which took its inspiration from the wake of the 2016 US election.  

It was, however, the boulevards of Victoria B.C. littered with makeshift tent cities and the shifting gazes of passersby that illuminated the divide between those that have and those that have not. From the street preacher’s corner on Government Street amidst the buskers’ racket and the hum of an electric coastal city, they witnessed the pervasively undeniable “Thoughts and Prayers” attitude so often seen in Canada. The simple refusal to help those directly in front of our eyes, but rather seeking to sell our ideologies to those with money to spend, motivated what would ultimately become the title track of The New Customs’ latest album.  

Their single “Chasing Light” offers an introspective reflection of our habitual busyness and living in tomorrow that robs us of today, as interpreted through the lens of Emma’s camera. Affectionately written from a bird’s eye view of the wonders of Canada that the duo has come to know through their extensive touring over the past three years, the endearing and relatable “Hey Little Bird” calls to the wanderer in each of us. The BC wildfires sparked a gritty retrospective that encapsulates the listener and gives a glimpse of facing the smoky mountains with “Helicopters & Bombardiers” overhead snuffing out the near-untamable flames.

The New Customs are revealing themselves as ones to watch as they truly stand apart from the pack all while breathing new life into an old and sometimes under appreciated genre: FOLK!

An absolutely wonderful concert! Emma and Dale have a wonderful interaction that captivates their audience and pulls them into each song with an understanding of it's origins. The story of their meeting is an absolute testimony to the benefit of throwing caution to the wind and following your gut and heart. A wonderful couple with more than an ample amount talent, Emma's vocal skills


Marybeth Stenhouse

Marybeth Stenhouse has been performing for ten years, and has achieved significant success in her hometown of Creston, B.C. Her love of music stems from a musically wealthy upbringing. Marybeth has recently graduated from the Contemporary Music Program at Selkirk College. Marybeth performs for her audience because she loves seeing the way music inspires them. Her repertoire features a large variety of songs and artists that have affected her life. Marybeth is using herknowledge to teach, and spread her love of music to all who will listen.

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Soulful harmonies and the interplay of skillful guitar enrich original songs that are clever, intimate and highly accessible.“Genevieve and Jack we're not only amazingly skilled musicians, they were entertaining and engaging. The crowd loved their stories and humour and personal interaction” Rick Brown, The Venue

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Logan McKillop

Logan McKillop is a folk/roots singer-songwriter and storyteller from Onanole, MB. Equally skilled as a wordsmith and an astonishing guitarist, every song is an invitation into the best of both worlds. He is unafraid to delve into what is real, exploring the highs and lows of the human condition with absolute honesty. Supported by his unmistakable guitar prowess, he leaves no audience without laughter, heartache, and a gentle reminder of life’s duality.


Kurt Loewen

Kurt Loewen is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist currently residing in Calgary, Alberta. He has spent much of his career in music writing, performing and traveling with The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra.  His debut solo record, Heavy & Low, is a collection of songs about relationships; love, change, and moving on.  A sonically disparate album compared to previous projects, Heavy & Low is a candid and frank offering speaking to the challenges and beauty in the connections we hold close.

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C Flats

C Flats are a gritty, rootsy rockin' band from the Columbia Valley area of BC. Jon Howse and Greg Boa trade vocal and lead guitar duties on a song by song basis. John Vander Ploeg and Gary Hollick round out the quartet as a solid, grooving rhythm section with background vocal to take the songs to unique places. The band is excited to bring their original music and cover tunes to The Venue in Creston B.C. They are inspired by the Seattle music scene, Counting Crows, The Refreshments and The Beatles. Their music can be described as a mish-mash Heinz 57 of rock styles with some Country influence thrown in to round out the sound. The band is promoting their original single, "All Alone". Come out and enjoy the unique sounds of C Flats, semi-finalist in this summer's Battle of The Bands organized by Stay Live Productions and hosted by The Venue. This is definitely a band you will not want to miss.


Gary Deatherage

Gary Deatherage is a singer, songwriter, writer, and multimedia artist living in Creston, B.C.  His work has mainly been with three different bands, The Howling Wannabes, II Cosmic, and Deep Dude. He works with visual and video artists, and wrote the novel Sun Pipes For The Dreamers. Gary’s songs come in a variety of styles, but his main style, due to the nature of his lyrics, has been described in terms such as “cosmic rock,” “too cosmic”, “dark country-western” or even “intellectual folk”.  His works often deal with current human, world and political situations.

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Carl Erickson

Carl Erickson has been making music for more years than most of us can remember. His musical stylings have been heard in night clubs and music halls across the country and internationally. He has had his songs considered for publication by The Stampeders and has opened on stage for Chilliwack. His music can best be described as country/folk. With years of experience on the saxophone and guitar Carl leads his band in the studio and on stage with expertise of a consummate musician. 


The Midnight Echo

The Midnight Echo is an alternative rock act based out of Whitby Ontario. They formed in 2016, releasing their debut album 'Voyager" in early 2017. The band fuses the hook-laden anthems of the early 2000's with the synth driven tones of 80's new wave to create their own unique and atmospheric sound. The Midnight Echo toured North American in 2017/2018 in support of the "Voyager" album.

That's the official website version, but it doesn't tell their whole story. The band consists of Joel - lead singer/guitar, Tyler - vocals /guitar, Ryan - vocals/bass they pretty much grew up together. The newest addition to the foursome is James on drums and vocals and has only been with the band since July 2019.


The band has a unique sound that I can only describe as a solid wall of crystal clear sound that permeates your soul. I have heard a lot of bands and these guys are on my favourite list.


Besides being an awesome band they are four of the nicest, most professional young lads I've ever met. They arrived at The Venue to find that it was going to be a 'slim' night, too many competing events in the town had stifled our ticket sales to the point that we only had 12 people out to hear them. Undaunted they played their hearts out for the 'crowd' and we were given nothing less than their best, without any grumbling or complaining on their part. If you're reading this bio to decide if you should consider them to play your place, the only answer is YES without hesitation.


We look forward to their return in the future and playing again for us but this time to a full house. There are 12 new fans in Creston - next time - THERE WILL BE MORE!

The Midnight Echo How To Escape Reality

Connor Foote & The Hands

Connor Foote & the Hands are four fellows who play country songs that tell the untold stories of the blue collar man. With roots that stem from the love of the golden age of country, the boys will knock the bolo ties off your necks!

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