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The Howling Wannabes

The Howling Wannabes are from Creston, B.C They recorded their first album together in 1995, and have done two follow-up albums, the last in 2016. Their fourth album of original songs is being completed for release in 2019. These musicians perform together a few times a year, but as individuals they spend most of their time in their various other bands, and in the studio creating and recording new works. The musical style of the Howling Wannabes ranges from rock to country to blues to jazzy to deep and thoughtful heavy stuff.  The Howling Wannabes often perform songs that have current cultural and political content and relevance, but their songs can also be lighter, irreverent, or “big picture” views of human existence.
Gary Deatherage and David Lyons are the songwriters for the band. The band’s unshakable rhythm section is composed of Allan Kimmel on bass guitar and Jason Deatherage on drums. The lead guitar section of the Howling Wannabes is also exceptionally hot, with Rick Potyok and Jeremiah Staggs both playing lead and backing guitars.

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