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Contact us to discuss your needs at or call us at (250) 428 - 6444.
We would like you to become a member of The Venue - Performance and Visual Arts Society (at least an Active Membership $60/yr). If your group members would become members too (at least an Active Membership $60/yr) that would really help us. Active Membership holders can book The Venue Center for their events. We only ask that your group does not bring in outside food or drinks (except for catered events) because The Venue Center has a concession booth which The Venue Society run which helps the society pay bills. Very shortly the concession booth will be stocked with candy bars, pop, chips, pop corn, hot dogs, nachos, pizza. We also ask that you encourage your group to drop a donation in our donation box at the top of the stairs, every dollar helps to keep the doors open.
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