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The coloured frame (pink & yellow) is the main part of the roof rafter system. It comes in two pieces that have to be assembled. The pink section snaps into the yellow section at the pink arrow. The yellow arrow points to where the pink section connects to the yellow section with a wing nut. All wing nuts and nuts on bolts must be facing into the tent so that they do not damage the tent cover. The insets show the detail. The lower ends of the rafters are connected together using pole #5 and wing nuts. The wing nuts MUST be facing inside the tent so they do not rub against the tent covering.

<= After assembling the rafters, the four rafter sections are connected together at the top with 3 -  #1 poles, the #1 poles snap into the C and D joints. The C joints are on either end of the tent, the D joints are the inside.