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Play The Hand You're Dealt - 23 March - 8:25 a.m.

Was too tired to make an entry last night. The ground swell of support continues! We have been contacted by many people that want to help save The Venue. Understand it's going to take time. This virus is slowing everything down to a crawl, meetings are held online, the phone or via email. As great as those technologies are they aren't as good as face to face which we all need to avoid, especially those of us in the infection risk age zone. That being said, we haven't stopped working on this, but we've been dealt a hand we have to play with and it's slowing things down.

​If you want to offer help, financial assistance and encouragement please contact us at or at (250) 428 6444 and let us know. This is a community effort and that will be the only way it will happen. We're growing stronger everyday in numbers. When we're all through these dark days, there will be brighter days ahead. For now, please stay safe, eat well, practice paranoid sanitary protocols, we all need to get through this. 

I just want you to know, we are wanting to do live streaming music events for the community but at the moment, besides the technology, our big concern is safety of the participants and we're working on ways to accomplish that. Until we can be certain of participant safety we won't go ahead. Maybe we'll just do solo performances .... not sure yet. We're juggling a dozen or so things here and assigning priority to each as information comes in each day. Keep safe and know that better days are coming!

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