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Play, Sing, Create - 24 March - 7:24 a.m.

I'm sitting here watching the NEWS waiting for 8:00 a.m. to hear the P.M.s "major" announcement in regards to COVID-19. It amazes me that everything becomes a political issue. It's all about posturing, it mirrors what I see happening south of our boarder. Why does the best idea always have to be your's? Why can't you just congratulate the other person/party for a great idea or concept? Do we always have to stand up and beat our chest say "Look at me, I'm so great." This really wears me out. Can't we finally come together as human beings, regardless of politics, race, beliefs and countries? Why does everything have to include a political power struggle. Isn't it possible for us to look at another human being and say I can help, what do you need? I'm not supporting either party view, I am not a political person, but COVID-19 doesn't care about your politics, it's going to devastate who ever it touches, if it chooses. It sounds like it's time for a change, in people? in attitude? in policy? in programs? And I don't mean top down, I'm thinking bottom up. How does that happen? I don't know, I'm just one person with a guitar and a wish for the world to be a better place and people to actually care about others without all the gaslighting. Seems the world is getting too complicated, it's no wonder people want to get off the grid and just disappear.

We have to keep safe people. Stay home, practice paranoid cleaning protocols, read, sing, enjoy the slower pace of life. Avoid others, Skype, Facetime, talk on the phone so you don't feel totally isolated, only go out if it is a necessity. Be safe. To my musician friends, I know you're dealing with your personal challenges but sing, play, create .... let's make some good come out of this crisis.

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