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Moving? - 21 March - 10:00 p.m.

What a difference a day can make. I have a place to move to if required. I have a storage shed to store equipment in. These are preparatory actions to make sure I have all the bases covered if everything goes south. I have looked at alternative buildings to use as a venue. I have spoke to a contractor, a banker and a lawyer. Let me stress, this is all preparatory to make sure all the bases are covered. I can't reveal too much here but let me say we're in good shape, much better than I thought we were in yesterday. Please remember, The Venue is a dream, a vision, a concept not a building. There is no doubt the building we've been using is perfect, but it's not the only one. That being said, just because I've got other options does not mean I'm giving up on this one. I know that might confuse some of you, but it's all I can say at this time.

But, here is something I can be very clear about. What really took me by surprise was the ground swell of support coming in via email, text messages and personal visits (at 6 ft mind you). In this time of world crisis people tell me they need The Venue. It is a spot of light in their lives and up lifts their spirits. They want to make sure it survives. They are willing to mobilize to make it happen. I haven't asked permission to post any of their letters here but we've had offers of help, money, expertise, media coverage, free lawyer services, free contractor services and a just about anything you can think of. That uplifts my spirits and those of our board members and active society members.

Anyway, Shauna, Farrah and I took the dogs for a four mile walk this evening and I'm dead tired. Not sleeping much the last few nights isn't helping much either so I'm off to bed. I'll update each evening so keep checking back. Please feel free to pass on the password to anyone you know that wants to know what's the scoop. The reason I'm using a password is that we don't need the whole world knowing the challenges we're facing so the password helps keep the readers local.

Also, I am getting so many emails it's difficult to sort through them all. Please be patient if I haven't answered you back yet.

Good Night ZZZZzzzzzz........

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