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It's A Lonely Place - 28 March - 3:50 p.m.


Well, things are looking more organized around here and cleaner. Not much else to do other than work on the website and try to determine where we're heading in the future. I am reluctant to do any serious work in The Venue until I know where we're at, although I have a storage bin rented I won't move anything to the bin unless I'm ordered to move and I've exhausted all possibilities to stay.

As far as my flu symptoms are concerned, they aren't getting worse other than some stomach challenges. No fever, so that's good. My throat still is exhibiting the usual flu signs with phlegm but I have no trouble breathing. 10 more days to go, it won't be a problem as long as I'm healthy. I have a guitar course and a sound engineering course I have been wanting to get at so ... I guess it is time.

Stay safe and wash your hands.

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