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I felt the earth move! 31 March

I was sitting at the sound mixing desk in The Venue when I felt my chair swaying back and forth. It took me totally off guard and at first it reminded me of sitting in my 5th wheel trailer when some joker would be outside pushing on it making it move. But ... I'm in a huge building with a concrete foundation. Then it occurred to me, this is the tremors from an earthquake. Sure enough, one his somewhere in U.S.A. Montana, Idaho someplace around there registering 6.5 or so on the scale. Well that's a first for me I've never felt an earthquake before that I'm aware of. That was quite the experience, the whole building was moving. The stage lights on the 10 ft stands were swaying back and forth and so were the ceiling lights. It wasn't on my bucket list to experience but then neither was a pandemic, I guess 2020 is turning out to be a year of surprises, none of them all that great.

Where The Venue is at? We're not sure yet. We had a board of directors meeting tonight to resolve some issues and we'll see where we go from here. For now, we're staying put and not moving anywhere until further notice.

I'll keep you posted.

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