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Dave Lyons - 22 May 2020

Howlin' Dan - 15 May 2020

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"A spectacular listening room"

"What an awesome venue!"

"The best venue on my tour"

"Uber cool and worth supporting"

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"The Venue is Creston's Living-Room"

"The Venue ... is very welcoming"

"The best little venue in B.C."

"We have enjoyed many a fine performance at the Venue."


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The Venue - Performance and Visual Arts Society provides diverse local musical, filmic, theatrical and artistic experiences to residents and visitors of all backgrounds and ages at various locations in the Creston Valley.

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A New Start


Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes The Venue lives again.

I have been reluctant to reveal what has been happening in the background until now. The night that Carl Erickson was involved in the run-a-way truck accident was the night I was to meet with the new owners of Valley View Motel the cozy holiday hide-a-way cabins behind the Creston Museum, Glendan & Gillian. I was there, among other things, to discuss me moving into one of their cabins and work as their handyman. With the accident, little was discussed but it turns out they were not only looking for a handyman but they wanted to build a stage and have a place for live entertainment. Well .... it turns out I know something about that. Plans are not finalized yet and I'll let you know more as things are decided upon. Until then, keep watching for more news right here on this spot. As news comes in I'll be moving the old stories to The Venue Blog so you can easily review what has been happening. Thank you again for your support and I look forward to this new venture with excited anticipation.

The Venue - Performance and Visual Arts Society

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